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Amanda is a French-Brazilian artist and writer who was given the gift of a truly diverse cultural background. Her hope is to make room for more respectful and harmonious communication by helping those around her to open their hearts to themselves and to each other. Born in Rio de Janeiro, Amanda comes from a long line of European immigrants on both sides of her family. To add to her already international background, she also had the privilege and challenge of growing up as an expatriate. Amanda speaks four languages, and the USA is the fifth country she has called home. 


As a teenager, Amanda completed several short Musical Theatre courses at prestigious institutions such as ArtsEd, Mountview Academy, and LAMDA. After graduating High School, she enrolled a year-long Foundation in Musical Theatre course at Mountview before moving from London to Los Angeles to pursue her BFA in Musical Theatre at AMDA College and Conservatory of Performing Arts. During summer breaks she traveled back to her hometown of São Paulo to perform in various shows with the iconic national band Metrô alongside her aunt Virginie Boutaud, the lead vocalist. In 2017 she was invited to sing background vocals in a very special event called Liga Retrô, which reunited Brazil's biggest stars from the 1980's for one night only in a sold out show: Virginie Boutaud (Metrô), Ritchie, Paulo Ricardo, George Israel (Kid Abelha), and Kiko Zambianchi. After graduating from AMDA with honors in June of 2019, Amanda spent eight months in the intensive Professional Training Program at the Performing Arts Center, where she got to train with many amazing professionals including the legendary Adolfo "Shabba Doo" Quiñones. Amanda is deeply grateful for her many teachers throughout the years and most of all for her family, all of whom helped her become the professional she is today.


Since signing with Engage Artists Agency in 2020, Amanda has been lucky to have many wonderful opportunities.


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